“For I know the plans I have for you…to give you hope and a future.”

With Great Joy We Introduce Our Newest Son Aaron Donald Walsh Ho

With Great Joy We Introduce Our Newest Son Aaron Donald Walsh Ho
Born January 17, 2007 Guangdong Province, The People's Republic of China Forever Ours April 12, 2010
"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

Monday, July 29, 2013

Suitcases are Packed...4 days to go!

I packed our two carryons and our backpacks. I then put everything else in Sarah's bedroom, along with 3 empty suitcases, and my husband packed them (1/3 Sarah; 1/3 Nicole; 1/3 Rupert) into each one (in case one suitcase is lost - but let's hope not!). And let me be honest here...it's 2/5 Sarah, 2/5 Nicole, 1/5 Rupert as far as items being brought to China!

So, a huge thank you to my husband for
1) fitting everything into our 3 checked suitcases
2) not saying a thing about the doll and other essential toddler girl items in HIS carryon
3) only asking ONCE, "Do we REALLY need all these Purell packets and bottles of Purell ?" - 'cause he knows the answer is YES WE DO.
He even complimented me on how I was able to keep all 3 suitcases under the 50 pound limit. (Last time it was 44 pounds and that was TOUGH...)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our Last Day...

Today is a day that shows who the true Maine-lovers are! (And not that there was any doubt about it, but that would be...Donovan and Nicole!) It was a cloudy, cool, and windy day, BUT the ocean water was quite warm (um, at 68 degrees, it was slightly warmer than the air!) The die hard Maine beach lovers were on the beach today and SOME of us (namely, Donovan and Nicole) were IN the water!
Ready to get to work. 

The beginnings of the big hole

Sitting in the hole he dug

Standing in his hole. (Notice it is deeper than he is tall!)

Donovan asked to bring his chair down in the hole he had dug. I was hoping we would not have a cave-in and need to rescue him from down there. 

At the end of our time on the beach, Donovan just had to head into the waves one more time.

It is supposed to start raining tonight and rain the entire day tomorrow. For the first time ever, we are heading home one day early from our time in Maine. We have plenty to do at home to get ready for the big China trip!  
Here is a picture from our walk on the beach last night. Next year...there will be 3...

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday - WARM Maine ocean water!

What a beach day today is! The water is 68 degrees!!!!!!!!!!! That is the warmest I personally have ever experienced in Maine. Incredible! The waves are HUGE today (at least 10-12 feet high). One right after the other. We are LOVING every minute of it!

The boys with their new skimboard.

Two very happy boys

Donovan skimboarding

Coming in!

Here he comes!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday in Maine

We had a cloudy start with sprinkles of rain at the beach. We came back to the house for lunch and
 ta-da...the clouds blew over and we had a great afternoon at the beach! Donovan's first experience with skimboarding was today. HE LOVED IT!!!

Big Waves

The robes may be 2 years old but they came in handy this morning, on a cool, cloudy, sprinkling morning at the beach. 

using the dinosaur molds on the beach (he loves this gift from Grandma)

drawing on the sand

the sun, which had just come out


Here he comes!


Down he goes...

Digging Trenches 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Wonderful Sunday at the Beach

A gorgeous first full day at the beach. (well, it's still going on, I just came up to get popsicles to bring back down to the beach for the boys.)

early morning walk (We were on the beach at 8:00.)

happy boy!

About 20 minutes after we got on the beach!

a stegasaurus!

Here we go! A day of fun jumping the waves!

Donovan jumps so high!

Quite a jump!

Loving every minute of it.

Aaron Swimming underwater to see what he could see. "Lots and lots of sand," was his report.

 Coming up for air

Fun in the Waves (below)

and fun in the sand